signs of life
"it's as though my heart, in the midst of its euphoria, is saying to my mind, 'there are things you cannot understand, and you must learn to live with this. not only must you learn to live with this, you must learn to enjoy this.'" - Donald Miller

when his hands find their way to your hips
and his arms are trembling, supporting his weight 
as his mouth and nose graze the place below your bellybutton
and that moment when you lay your head back
and just let his tongue, teeth, and lips envelop your skin
and take in how it feels to be under his control

15:59 nvmillustration:

Fruit. ( Eden Series )
15:43 Linear 2 by Stacey Rees
15:05"You take the things you love
and tear them apart,
or you pin them down with your body
and pretend they’re yours." — Richard Siken, from “A Primer for Small Weird Loves” (via hellanne)
22:07"Desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving." — Nayyirah Waheed, from “The Color of Low Self Esteem” (via hellanne)
21:27 hellanne:

by Paula Aparicio
10:55"We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy." — Her (via spenfield)
15:42 Dakota
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Brother Wolf By Thomas D. Mangelsen